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The Real World Is Boring, Let's Go Somewhere Else

At Hyperion Realms we're crafting the next generation of open world survival games for PC and consoles, with a keen focus on richly detailed, deeply open-ended, and rewardingly creative player experiences.

We believe that by giving players the freedom to make real choices, the tools to express themselves creatively, deep worlds to explore and discover, and the opportunity to make a true impact on their world and community, we can deliver experiences our players never realized they always wanted.

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A New Kind of Team for Modern Development

Hyperion Realms is based in Berlin, Germany, but our team is fully remote, giving us access to the best talent in the industry, no matter where they live.

With founders and team members from around the world, our operation is truly international, but we keep our focus tight with a small, efficient team of only the best veteran talent who can deliver outsized results.

Dashiel Nemeth
Founder, CEO
Sigurður Gunnarsson
Founder, CTO
Mark Nausha
Founder, COO
Marcel Zons
Lead Designer
Dev Beniwal
Gameplay Programmer
Dotti Böhm von Thenen
Lead Engine Programmer
Flor Coletta
Lead 3D Artist
Tobias Rojahn
Lead Backend Programmer
Giulia Polisini
Community & Marketing
Nate Abell
Art Director


Survival Games Are Ripe for Fresh Innovation

We see a golden opportunity to take survival games to the next level of fun and player engagement, and we're eager to share more about our first project. Watch this space or follow us on social media for all the details as they're ready to share.